What To Expect

careSurgery doesn't have to be stressful and we prove that every day. Knowing what to expect will help to put you at ease.

You will: Be gently sedated and have your procedure; Spend a brief time gathering your strength and enjoying a bite to eat in our recovery room; and, Leave for the comfort of your home to complete your recovery.

All this will happen in a matter of a few hours. While you are with us, you will be under the specialized care and attention of your medical team, highly skilled and experienced professionals working in our state-of-the-art facility. Some people may need lab work or X-rays before surgery. Usually, your doctor will make those arrangements.

We may call you to complete the necessary paperwork, including information about your health insurance coverage. Be sure to check your coverage for some expenses you may have to pay for.

The day before your surgery, we will call you to confirm your arrival time, go over your doctor's pre-operative orders and answer your questions. If you are scheduled for Monday surgery, we will call you the Friday before. If you have a cold, persistent cough, sore throat or fever within two days of your surgery, please call your doctor.